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Become a Coach!

Glide Rec is always looking for volunteers to coach our teams. It's a great opportunity to get involved in our community and work with local youth players. We have outlined key role and responsibilities of a youth sports coach. 

Role of a Coach:
Coaches have a leadership role. You are a role model and should set the example for the players within our community. For coaches to succeed, and for the kids to realize the best the sport has to offer, coaches must adhere to the code of conduct set-forth by Glide Rec. Glide Rec believes in fair play within our organization. Fair play can be described in three words: Behavior, Good Manners and Respect. Please review the Coaches Code of Conduct and our organization's core values. Coaches should perform their duties so they reflect their knowledge of the game in a manner that emphasizes good intentions and shows a proper respect for the efforts of the players, coaches and officials. Remember, the kids are watching!

The most important responsibilities of a youth sports coach are to:
» provide a safe, healthy environment for the practice and play of the sport.
» provide mature, adult supervision for young athletes.
» have a positive attitude and show enthusiasm

You must conduct yourself at all times with these important facts in mind. During games, you share these responsibilities with the officials and opposing coaches. They must, at all times, supersede any other concern.

Knowledge of the Game
Coaches are responsible for learning and understanding the sport for their age group.  Glide Rec Board Members make themselves available for any assistance and resources you may require to be successful in your role as coach.

How to become a coach:

Step 1: Register as a volunteer coach by contacting us through our
'Contact Us' button at the top of the page.  Please provide your name, contact information and the sport you are interested in volunteering to coach.  A Glide Rec Board Member will then respond to your request. All coaches, volunteers and "helps" must register before they can be on the field with our kids. 

Step 2: Complete a background check

Step 3: Complete the required Concussion Training for Coaches. 

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